What did you think of Wood Street’s Family Fun Day?

We won’t talk about the weather. Ok, we will just say “shame about the weather”, and move on. From my point of view (Tim here: I am on the organising committee, and am also one of the panel members of Wood Street First) the highlights were the amazing diversity of talents, skills and wares on display on the stages and the street stalls, and the great atmosphere (when the heavens allowed it). Also – wasn’t it wonderful to have the whole expanse of the street?

Wood Street

So, here are some images from yesterday’s Family Fun Day, which for the first time took place in and around the plaza, including a section of Wood Street itself.

Inspired Souls
Inspired Souls in front of the main stage
Kaylou wowing us with her singing voice
Fairground ride
A fairground ride (and proof that sun was out some of the time)
Morris dancers
The Morris dancers
Creature in costume with Beti
A big, er, what is it? With Beti from the Near Neighbours project based at St Gabriels’s Church.
Tai Chi group
Tai Chi with Moving Meditation
Vintage fashion
A duo from the Vintage Fashion Show at the Rang marquee

The hero of the day, surely, must be Graham Hodgkiss (chair of the organising committee, and of the Wood Street First panel) – here seen getting a little help with the clearing up afterwards.

Graham Hodgkiss and two helpersAmongst other things, Graham held the event planning together, sorted out the potentially disastrous collapse of our main equipment suppliers, liaised with the Council, fetched the PA and filled out all the crucial paperwork. Without him, the event simply would not have taken place.

Why don’t you tell us what you thought of the day, using the comment box below? [Update 9:45 pm – we already have one reaction, from Chris Johnson of Firesafe, who generously stepped in at the last minute to loan some fire extinguishers: “Fantastic Day, Great Community Spirit. Even God came to clean up with some healthy & cleansing rain at the end! So many nice polite people of all ages, lifestyles, colours and creeds.”]

Also, please send us any photos you have, and video links – we will post a selection here on the Wood Street First website.

Love Your High Street LogoWood Street Family Fun Day was part of the Love Your High Street initiative supported by the London Borough of Waltham Forest.

6 thoughts on “What did you think of Wood Street’s Family Fun Day?

  1. This event really brought out the community spirit & fun of the local crowd. I really enjoyed everything and the brilliant atmosphere! SUCCESS all the way! CONGRATULATIONS! to all the organising committee. Sorry about the earlier spelling mistake!

  2. I thought the event fun and a welcome step in the right direction for bringing the local community together. Well done to all involved. It was great to have part of the street closed off &, if the event is repeated next year, then it would be even better to have the street closed up to the entrance of the Indoor Market. That would make it a greater part of the event. The one disappointment was that there was no farmers’
    market as I and a number of others were expecting.

  3. great to see Wood street getting some of its old spirit back again,its a shame that the council still cant manage to keep the childrens play areas clear of rubbish,some things never change.Bring back the park keepers.

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