Governance Policies & Procedures

Welcome to the Wood Street Firsts Documents and Policies Page.

The governing document below represents the rule book for the way in which Wood Street First conducts itself and protects those working with us and those attending our events, projects, workshops and activities.

Governance aims to provide the framework which will enable Wood Street First to bring together all the initiatives aimed at meeting the requirements, standards and best practice that apply to the work we do and the handling of personal information.

Wood Street First is a member of the NCVO The National Council for Voluntary Organisations. We are also Partners with the NCS the National Citizen Service and the Challenge Programme.

Documents and Polices Dated Pdf File
Wood Street First Vision Statement March 2015 Vision
The Wood Street First Constitution April 2018 Constitution
Financial Procedures and Accounting Policy April 2016 Financial Procedures
Event Child Protection Policy Oct 2016 Event Child Protection
Event Lost Child Policy April 2018 Event Lost Child Policy
Equal Opportunities Statement April 2018 Equal Opportunities
Event Procedures and Formalities Policy April 2016 Event Procedures and Formalities
Volunteer Recruitment Policy and Procedure Nov 2016 Volunteer Recruitment
Governance and Compliance Document Jan 2017 Governance Risk and Compliance
In accordance with changing policy and procedure our documents are regularly updated. Check back here for the latest updates.
These are the dates of the last updated
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Why should our organisation adopt the Governance Code?

Wood Street First adopted the new Governance Code because it is the right thing to do.  In doing so we can show that all the correct procedures and principles are in place to enable us to operate a well-run, organised group that takes seriously best practice in all that we do.

These policies have been constructed in consultation with the following organisations:
WFC –  Waltham Forest Council,
NCVO –  The National Council for Voluntary Organisation,
NAVCA – National Association for Voluntary and Community Action.

These documents are available for informational purposes only and are the intellectual property of Wood Street First.

Printing of Wood Street First Documents

Please be advised that Wood Street First discourages retention of any hard copies of our documents. The latest versions of our documents can only be guaranteed via this Website.

Created 21.06.2018