Concern about Marlowe Road Police Base closure

A decision has been taken to shut Marlowe Road Police Base.

The Police Teams using the base say it makes sense to keep it open. The Borough Commander has asked for it to be kept open as a touchdown base for officers.  But apparently a decision has been taken to close it.

Wood Street First is concerned about how much time officers can spend in our area, if they have to report for duty every day at the base in Blackhorse Lane. The impact for Wood Street ward in particular will mean less footfall of officers visiting the base. In the past the local area has benefited from SNT officers from four wards travelling through the Wood Street area to get to and from the base. The proposals also mean that any officer, especially the dedicated ward officers, will have to travel away from Wood Street to complete reports etc therefore having less time to patrol on the ward. Wood Street First is not prepared to stand by and allow this to happen.  By cutting the Police Team and closing the Police Base, crime in our ward will increase.

Please raise your objections by emailing Sergeant Paul Branney at Wood Street Police Base: woodstreet.snt [at]

Or send your objections to this closure to Graham Hodgkiss, Wood Street First Chairperson: info [at]

– Please retype the above email addresses using ‘@’ for ‘[at]’. (Email addresses have been reformatted to reduce the risk of spam.)

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