News and an appeal from up-and-coming social project Significant Seams – one of the recipients of funding from our second round. Catherine and the team would be grateful for any support – so why not get in touch?

Significant Seams

Hi fabulous followers and friends-

It’s happening. Today, the Directors of Significant Seams are emptying 131 Wood Street thanks to our fabulous pro bono architect –  a leading UK architect in the world of regeneration who happens to live in Walthamstow – and our calm and reassuring builder – owner of a major national shop fitting company, that also happens to be based in Walthamstow, in order to hand over the keys to them to make the place ready for you and us to decorate and create the first inclusive community space in Eastern Walthamstow. Your inputs, advice and suggestions have helped us devise a quite fabulous plan for the space, and the labour of many of you has helped start to create the furnishings too.

But the pressure is on. We’ve raised £23,100 against the original £20,000 we estimated we needed… and in the meantime, we atttracted some amazing LOCAL…

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  1. All the money spent on regenerating Wood Street to me seems a big waste of time and money when all the council seem only interested in is collecting more money from parking fines from the public who wish to shop there, like all local shops such as Chingford Mount etc the lack of public parking is forcing people to shop at large outlets that offer easy and cheap parking places, the Council seem to have forgot that the car is here to stay, the new parking restrictions in the Wood Street area is killing local shops, I suggest they speak to the shop keepers in the area.

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