Bisterne Party in the Park Event Cancelation

Sadly, for the first time in over ten years we have had to make a decision to cancel an event. The new Council Park Hire application and policy has become so bureaucratic and complexed that we feel we have to make a stand and let the Council know they can’t treat Voluntary Community Groups in this way. One aspect of the application is that we must pay a hire fee of £150.00.  So yes, we must pay the Council to deliver a free community event for their residents. 

Green Space have made it so very bureaucratic, It doesn’t matter who you are, if you’re a small Community Group putting on a Children’s Event for 30 or 40 Kids or if you are an Entertainment Company putting on an Event for 30,000 people the application process is the same. and you have to pay a fee

We have been contacted by four other local Community Groups who also feel the new Council Park Hire application and policy is wrong and they like us are concerned.  This could bring to an end the desire for Voluntary Community Groups to put on community events. We now intend to discuss with the Council Senior Team our concerns and recommendations to put in place a more workable Council Park Hire application and policy. Until such time Wood Street First will not deliver any events in conjunction with Waltham Forest Council.

Wood Street First Chair


One thought on “Bisterne Party in the Park Event Cancelation

  1. Thanks for this message, how very frustrating and disappointing. Is there anything residents can do to support your efforts to make the council see sense on this matter? If so, please do consider emailing out suggestions; I for one will take them up, and encourage others to do the same.


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