Feedback and photos from the Fun Day festivities

We are pleased to share the joy with a few photos of the 30 August Family Fun Day held on the Wood Street Plaza.

East London Royals
Chloe gets the crowd moving
Roxy Cuff from Inspired Exotics, the Mayor - and a python
Roxy Cuff from Inspire Exotics, the Mayor – and a python
seaside photo
They do like to be beside the seaside
child on fairground ride
At the wheel and having fun
Dancers with flags
Flags and movement outside the Dukes

We also had volunteers on the day asking people for their thoughts about the Wood Street, the Plaza and the event. We got 25 responses – not a huge sample, but enough to give us some intriguing answers.

Views on the Fun Day

Over half of respondents (15) said it was the first event they had visited in the Plaza. Pleasingly, all but 3 said they would come to a similar event if one were run again. The same number said they were happy that the Council had helped to fund the event. Asked what they most enjoyed, 5 mentioned the snakes from Inspire Exotics, 4 the community atmosphere and 3 the activities for children. There were fewer complaints, but some were unhappy about the numbers and the queue for the climbing wall.

Views on Wood Street

Most were positive about their overall experience of their visits to Wood Street, and most thought that things have got better in the area over the last few years. Asked how important the Plaza and play park are to them, 17 chose “very important”, while 7 chose “not very important but I do like it”.

Asked what would make them visit Wood Street more, 19 chose “better shops and cafes” while 6 chose “cheaper parking”. A number spontaneously called for improvements to the train station, even though this was not an explicit choice on the form.

Over half of those asked did not live in the Wood Street Ward, and 5 of these said they did not live near the area, implying that the event is attracting significant number from quite far away.

Feel free to leave your views here – we are always keen to hear how we can make our events more successful, and also want to know what you think about our area.

Thanks to Philipp Ebeling and the GLA for allowing us to make use of most of these images.

3 thoughts on “Feedback and photos from the Fun Day festivities

    1. You are entitled to your view about whether or not the event was worth the money (about £7000 in total). But for your information it was sponsored by the (labour) Council, the (conservative) Mayor of London and several local businesses.

  1. Great to see Wood Street plaza being used for family events. One improvement I would like to see is a perimeter fence around Wood St playground. It’s a fantastic play area but it’s too easy for toddlers and young children to run out of the playground towards the road.

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