Wood Street Fiesta: what you missed

Saturday Fiesta paint fight
Photo: Katherine Green

The August Bank Holiday weekend saw the first ever open air cinema screening on the Wood Street Plaza on Friday night, followed by an all-day Fiesta celebration on the Saturday. If you weren’t lucky enough to have gone along, here is what you missed.

The cinema screening – of the Woody Allen film Midnight in Paris – went well, despite a couple of showers. Organisers reckon that about 150 people turned up altogether and the comfy seats, free popcorn and roller skating usherettes proved a hit.

Usherette at Open Air Cinema
Photo: Amy Scaife

For the Fiesta on Saturday, everyone got involved. Hula hooping, Punch & Judy and the tea dance were especially popular.

Saturday Fiesta Ragroof tea dance
Photo: Amy Scaife

People loved the hammocks.

Photo: Annamal Productions

And the giant pinata.

Photo: Amy Scaife

The paint fight was suitably messy!

Saturday Fiesta paint fight
Photo: Katherine Green

Animaux Circus took some lovely photos of people in their circus tent.

Saturday Fiesta Animaux Circus photo booth
Photo: Amy Scaife

The silent disco in the basketball court worked really well too.

Saturday Fiesta silent disco
Photo: Katherine Green

The people at the Cafe on the Plaza were brilliant, and the organisers Hunt & Gather had great feedback from people on the day – lots of suggestions it should happen once a month! Lottie Child (street trainer extraordinaire) and East Architecture also got some great feedback from people.

The whole weekend was funded by Mayor’s Outer London Fund and supported by London Borough of Waltham Forest. Organisers gather that Council representatives were pleased, and are keen to run more film screenings and another silent disco at some point in the future. Let’s hope it comes off.

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