Funding boost for schoolchildren, older people and young people

E17 puppet project website
Website for E17 Puppet Project

Schoolchildren, older people and young people in the Wood Street area are all set to benefit from projects that have been awarded funding in the first round of grant-making by the Wood Street First Panel.

The Panel, which met last week, is pleased to announce funding for the following three projects:

E17 Puppet Project (funding offer £1,666)
The project will carry out eight innovative literacy workshops with reception age children attending schools in the Wood Street ward. They will use sock puppets to get children involved in storytelling and talking about books, and encouraging them to join the Library. The goal is to get them hooked on books and help them to make their own puppets.

Waltham Forest Asian Seniors Club (funding offer £2,000)
This project aims to provide health promotion activities such as exercise and information sessions on healthy diet and lifestyle, food and nutritional advice and personal safety guidance.

Sports 4 Youths (funding offer £1,958)
S4Y is for young people 11 – 19 years old who would like to obtain an accreditation in sport. The aim is to work with youths who are in danger of substance misuse or alcohol abuse. This project will be based on Bike 4 youths and will hold twelve 3-hour workshops for young people to learn how to dismantle/rebuild and safely ride a bike.

All funding is conditional upon applicants meeting the grant conditions and obligations laid down by the Community Development Foundation in its Community First programme.

The panel looks forward to working with the successful projects to take forward their initiatives in the coming months. Commiserations to the unsuccessful applicants – and remember, further rounds of funding are planned.

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