Whipps Cross Hospital Redevelopment Plans

Whipps Cross Hospital In with the new out with the old

Whipps Cross Hospital is a loved and cherished part of the local community it serves, and has been serving for over 100 years.

In 1894on the now Whipps Cross Hospital site an annexe known as Forest House Annexe to care for sick and elderly inhabitants of the workhouse opened.

In 1903 the West Ham Union Infirmary opened

By 1912 an Operating Room was opened. The word theatre was not used in those days. Over 350 Operations were being carried out each year.

In 1917 it changed its name to Whipps Cross Hospital to coincide with the visit of King George V and Queen Mary.

From 1918 Whipps Cross had begun to take on the role of a General Hospital rather than a workhouse infirmary.

In 1921 the Central Nursing Council approved Whipps Cross Hospital as a nurse training school and examination centre for state registration.

By 1924 there were 53 trained and 130 student nurses and a ground-breaking training school for male nurses was established.

From 1948 Whipps Cross Hospital came under the management of the new National Health Service (NHS),

In 1958 the Outpatients Department was opened. It included all new modernised facilities.

In 1968 one of UKs first Intensive Care Units opened at Whipps Cross Hospital

From 1969 the Whipps Cross Hospital Radio was founded by the Walthamstow Lions Club. It’s still running today providing entertainment for the patients and staff.

By 1972 Whipps Cross Hospital was opening its new Accident and Emergency Unit and new Maternity Unit opened shortly after.

In 1992 Whipps Cross Hospital became a trust hospital following the development of teaching links with South Bank University,

In 2001 it became Whipps Cross University Hospital NHS Trust.

In 2011, because of financial problems, plans to redevelop the site and build a new Hospital was abandoned.

In 2012 the new Emergency and Urgent Care Centre opened  

In 2012 Whipps Cross, Newham, Barts and the London Hospital in Whitechapel merged to form Barts Health NHS Trust

In 2016 England’s Chief Inspector of Hospitals has again rated Whipps Cross University Hospital as Inadequate overall after a comprehensive inspection by the Care Quality Commission

By 2019 talks and plans to build a new Whipps Cross Hospital had been going on for a while but now funding has been secured to redevelop the site and build a new Hospital.

In 2020 Building a Brighter Future plans for Whipps Cross Hospital were released in September and its now your opportunity to have your say for your brand new Hospital.

Visit the Website:  bartshealth.nhs.uk/future-whipps

Online Discussion: Saturday 5th December 10.30am to 11.30am

To register your attendance, go to whipps-crossdevelopment.eventbrite.co.uk

Complete the online survey on our website: bartshealth.nhs.uk/future-whipps


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